Education · J. Daniel Hollinger

The Importance of Fostering Collaborative Teaching

Al Yasat Private School pic
Al Yasat Private School

J. Daniel Hollinger is a longtime education executive who has developed international schools in the United Arab Emirates and the United States. He is currently engaged in the creation of a new high school for Al Yasat Private School in the United Arab Emirates. J. Daniel Hollinger has written extensively about educational leadership, including fostering faculty collaboration to drive quality teaching and enhance student learning.

Danny Hollinger observes that a majority of schools have structures that discourage a collaborative environment from developing. School administrators rarely support teamwork, and teachers are not given the time or encouragement to meet productively and engage in cross-curricular planning.

Collaboration should be encouraged, since it offers many benefits. Synergies emerge, with lessons from one classroom informing what students learn in another. For example, students in a social studies class may be focused on early discoveries that led to major scientific and religious conflicts. If the English teacher coordinates his or her class to focus on literary texts relating to concepts of peace and war, students are receiving cross-disciplinary insights that build on each other and give students a coherent framework for exploring new concepts.


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