Education · J. Daniel Hollinger

The Importance of Inquiry-Driven, Project-Based Learning

Al Yasat Private School pic
Al Yasat Private School

Experienced in developing and managing international schools, J. Daniel Hollinger is presently engaged in the establishment of a United Arab Emirates high school for Al Yasat Private School. J. Daniel Hollinger emphasizes concepts such as faculty collaboration and project-based learning in designing curriculums and school structures that actively prepare students for what lies ahead.

Project-based learning is an approach that emphasizes putting students to work in investigating nontrivial topics and posing and refining questions on the issues that emerge. This learning process encourages debate, formulating predictions, and testing hypotheses within an environment of active learning.

Danny Hollinger notes that, unfortunately, many schools place primary focus on asking students to simply memorize facts for tests. Classes revolve around teachers’ lectures rather than active exploration, and students fail to gain critical skills in original research and synthesizing complex information. In addition, students are not engaged in pooling knowledge with fellow classmates in ways that achieve collaborative breakthroughs.


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