Education · J. Daniel Hollinger

Faculty-Community Collaboration Promotes Student Success

Al Yasat Private School pic
Al Yasat Private School

An accomplished education professional with over four decades of experience, J. Daniel Hollinger serves as the high school principal at Al Yasat Private School in Abu Dhabi. In addition to his work at the school, J. Daniel “Danny” Hollinger oversees Hollinger International, a US-based education consultancy firm that maintains a website featuring articles on range of topics, including faculty collaboration and team-building.

Promoting a collegial school culture that fosters collaboration among teachers, administrators, and parents is one way that education leaders can improve school performance. Research in recent years has emphasized the importance of collaboration in schools by showing that those with the highest level of student achievement feature a collaborative environment built on relational trust among all parties involved.

Recent studies conducted by the University of Chicago, the National Center for Educational Achievement, and other organizations examined data from education institutions around the globe and found that schools that relied on faculty and community collaboration to identify and address problems were much more likely to experience sustained improvement. In the US, professional learning communities and other collaborative school leadership teams are driving the collaboration movement, as education leaders look for ways to transform school culture to improve student outcomes.


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