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Hollinger International Offers Individual School Leadership Coaching

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Hollinger International

With three decades of experience and an extensive skill set in strategic planning, crisis management, and school start-up, J. Daniel “Danny” Hollinger leads the school consultation and leadership coaching firm Hollinger International. In addition, J. Daniel Hollinger’s company offers an executive and school leadership coaching program that focuses on equipping school leaders with the tools they need to create exceptional schools.

The firm’s individual leadership program provides a confidential space for school leaders to receive consultation services that address a variety of problems that deter school improvement, such as strained relationships and difficulties with work-play balance. Services are designed to help clients develop techniques to inspire their staff and grow as leaders, while providing guidance on strengthening relationships. Furthermore, relationship coaching includes strategies for improving relations with staff, faculty, school board personnel, and parents.

Coaching services are offered in one-month increments and include four one-hour sessions via telephone or teleconference, four mini sessions, and e-mail correspondence. Clients may use the four mini sessions as needed between their weekly sessions. Registration costs begin at $785 for one month with slightly discounted rates for two and three months.

For more information about the individual school leadership coaching program, visit


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