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Initiatives at Teachers Without Borders

Teachers Without Borders pic
Teachers Without Borders

A longtime educator and school developer, J. Daniel Hollinger is dedicated to a number of charitable initiatives, Danny Hollinger supports such organizations as Teachers Without Borders (TWB).

A nonprofit dedicated to helping teachers facilitate change across the globe, TWB offers a number of educational opportunities for its members. In addition, it focuses on such international initiatives as the following:

Emergency Education
Teachers often act as first responders during disasters. As such, through its Emergency Education program, TWB provides educators with the knowledge and support they need to address a variety of disaster-related challenges. This program also assists areas with planning for disasters and educates community members on how to rebuild their lives after these events.

Earthquake Safety
Recognizing a need to create communities that are better prepared for disasters, TWB has implemented its global Earthquake Safety Program. Through this initiative, community members learn from engineers, drawing on their knowledge of STEM subjects to determine the safety of local buildings. With this knowledge, TWB helps local people understand how to protect their communities during earthquakes.

Peace Education
This initiative aims to prevent future wars by providing the education that individuals need to lead peaceful lives. TWB has hosted its Peace Education Program across North America, South America, and Africa. One such project in Mexico helped International Baccalaureate and high school teachers develop and implement peace-education courses in their classrooms.


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