Community Outreach · J. Daniel Hollinger

Habitat for Humanity Receives AmeriCorps Grant

Habitat for Humanity pic
Habitat for Humanity

An experienced education leader, J. Daniel Hollinger recently accepted a position as head of school at New York Academy, an American curriculum school in Hyderabad, India. Alongside his professional pursuits, J. Daniel “Danny” Hollinger dedicates his time and resources to several organizations, including Habitat for Humanity.

In a recently released statement, Habitat for Humanity announced that it received a $4.65 million grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to support AmeriCorps members who will work on Habitat projects throughout the United States. During the upcoming service year, AmeriCorps members will partner with Habitat on projects in 25 states and dedicate over 590,000 hours of service to the organization.

Habitat has worked with CNCS for over two decades to support its work with AmeriCorps members. In that time, over 9,000 AmeriCorps members have worked on projects benefiting Habitat homeowners. During 2016-17, AmeriCorps will assign 350 members to Habitat projects in 95 U.S. communities.


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