About J. Daniel Hollinger

1Lifelong educator J. Daniel Hollinger serves as president and principal consultant of Hollinger International, Education. In this capacity, some of Daniel (Danny) Hollinger’s many responsibilities include developing school curricula, strengthening a school’s leadership, and strategic planning in the establishment of new schools. When not engaged in helping educators, J. Daniel Hollinger supports a number of charitable organizations and programs, including Heifer International.

More than 70 years ago Dan West, a farmer from the Midwest, was an aid worker serving refugees from the Spanish Civil War. The ration of one cup of milk per day he was dispensing seemed so insufficient to help these people that the idea of giving those in need not milk but a cow came to him. He went on to found Heifer International, an organization that strives to empower people in poor areas of the world by giving them farm animals and training with the goal of creating a sustainable source of food and income.

When Heifer International donates a cow, goat, chicken, pig, sheep, or other farm animal, new opportunities are created for the recipient family. Not only can the animal provide the family with food, but they are also able to bring milk, eggs, wool or other products to market, enabling them to raise money for things such as medicine, school, and even other small businesses. Heifer International has a philosophy of passing on the gift – to further expand the impact the organization encourages all recipients to share their training with others, and in the case of cows, those who have received a cow are encouraged to give away the first female calf born to someone outside their family.


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